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Jean du Bellay Park / Madame Anne’s Public Garden

ParcJean du Bellay_ avril2013 (16)Jean du Bellay Park

Situated near the Roman Bridge and not far from the campsite, this park is a place to visit for a relaxing afternoon in nature and to enjoy a picnic with the family.


Jean du Bellay was a French cardinal and diplomat and the cousin of the famous poet Joachim du Bellay. He was open-minded and carried out several missions in England and in Rome under the reign of François I. He was bishop of Le Mans between 1541 and 1544. The Chateau des Evêques had been rebuilt around 1500 and Jean du Bellay made this his home for a few years. He also rebuilt the Roman Bridge which was destroyed during the Religious Wars.


Madame Anne’s Public GardenJardinMmeAnne

This property, looked after and landscaped by Louise and Placida Anne from the 19303’s to the 1960’s, was inspired by the Rococo style.

After buying it, the local council decided to restore the wash basin in 1997 and the rehabilitate the garden in August 2009, with the help of international volunteers from the association “Etudes et Chantiers”.