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What to do ?

BOULERIE JUMP – International Equestrian Stadium



Beautifully situated near Parence this stadium organises more than 25 equestrian competitions each year.

This international equestrian stadium is highly-recognised and is the largest organizer of French equestrian events.

Free admission, restaurant on site and shops open to the public.

The town is partnered with events organized by Boulerie Jump.

To learn more, visit : www.boulerie-jump.com


PAPEA Attraction park

This attraction park is good for the whole family covering about 50 acres and is nestled in a curve of the river Huisne. Papea promises an unforgettable day.

With about 20 attractions including the mine train, the water park and the Carousel 1900, PAPEA is one of the major sites for tourists to enjoy in Sarthe.
To learn more, visit : www.papeaparc.fr

Papea (1)Papea